A Guide to Buying and Selling Peace & Morgan Silver Dollars (U.S. Silver Coin Series) (Volume 2)

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The rich history of U.S. silver dollars goes back to 1794 with the introduction of the "Flowing Hair" dollar followed by the Draped Bust, Gobrecht and Trade silver dollars. But it is the Peace and Morgan silver dollars that have captured the attention of casual and not-so-casual silver coin investors. A total of 190,577,000 Peace silver dollars were minted from 1921-1928 and 1934-1935, the most valuable being the 1934S (total mintage 1,011,000), the 1928 (total mintage just 60,649) and the 1921 High Relief (total mintage 1,006,473). You will find more important and useful information on these and ALL Peace Dollars in this book. Approximately 570,000,000 Morgan dollars were minted from 1878-1904 plus another 86,000,000 in 1921. There are several valuable Morgan dollars with these enjoying top spots - the 1893S (the most valuable San Francisco Morgan dollar- total mintage of just 100,000), the 1889CC (the most valuable Carson City Morgan dollar-total mintage of just 350,000) and the 1893CC (total mintage of 677,000). Detailed information on ALL Morgan Dollars is contained in this book. Discover important buying and selling information on rare, semi-rare and ordinary Peace and Morgan silver dollars plus sections on cleaning silver coins and basic coin grading. To help the reader better understand the various coin grades, a number of pictured examples are included plus a glossary of coin grading terms. Whether you 1) have Peace or Morgan silver dollars in your possession and want help in determining their value; 2) have decided to start investing in silver dollars and want to gain important knowledge before investing; or 3) have decided it is time to ramp up your purchase of these popular 90 percent silver coins - you will find this book a most helpful resource you will refer to again and again.